Tuesday, January 2, 2007

my 2006...

2007 na.

Looking back, i can say that she had been so good to me. Maraming FIRSTs. First Time to do something o kaya'y First Time to be in a place.

I laid out a TO DO list last February, a goal, something to look forward to, something to keep me busy. And I am proud to say that EVERYTHING went well. For those people who have been reading my blog (http://feelingcharmed.blogspot.com) would know that the first half of my year had been so full of lakwatsas, gimiks, out-of-towns, and gala.

Actually, first half pa lang natupad ko na ang mga goals ko:

naakyat ko ang Mt. Pulag

narating ko ang Boracay and did something I never thought that I have the guts to do

revisited Palawan (although I also been able to visit other places there)

Syempre there are some bumps that I was able to surpass:

  1. Operation ni Mommy (which turned out to be ok)
  2. Nasira si Uno (Canon S1iS). (buti na lang may mga Romeo at Marivic sa buhay ko! thanks)
  3. and the ending of one of my longest FANTASY-affair.

And of course, there are surprises that made things better:

Trip to Hundred Islands and first time to wear two-piece bathing suit.

Si Mr. Record Breaking Guy

Meeting the guy I so long idolized in the blogging world.

Setting my pretty feet on the sands of Amanpulo

The second half of the year I started laying out another set of goals. I was able to fulfill most of them aside from learning to ride a bicycle and taking photography lessons. Which involves the following:
  1. I had a new phone. (A N73 which I named Princess Antonia)
  2. revisit Dipolog (which I was able to book a flight before the year ended)
It was less gala, less travel for me, kasi i don't have any more leaves left. But that didn't stop me from living a charmed life (ang isang gala, kahit walang pera gala pa rin).

I had my less than 15-minute of being a ROCKSTAR ( a childhood fantasy), when I perform NARDA on stage at Tiendesitas (thanks to Larry! and tin and bade).

Mga Impromptu Lakwatsas that I don't need to be absent sa office (e.g.
Tagaytay trip, Pangasinan-Baguio Road trip, RoadTrippers)

The Davao Trip with Rachelle (kung san naubos ng todo ung leaves ko, first time sa Pearl Farm)

Not knowing that there are a lot more surprises waiting to be unfold.
  1. Finally after five long years, nakita ko na ulit ang youngest sister ko. Sa amin pa sya nagpasko.
  2. Si Rhyana Eunice na pamangkin ko.
  3. Nakapagbook na ako ng isang overseas travel for March, 2007.
  4. Slowly rebuilding the friendship I thought I lost forever.

My 2006 has been a great year, there are ups and there are downs, pero eto ako... charming pa rin. Syempre things would not be the same if it was not for those people who have been beside me or those people who have hurt me.

I will start laying out plans again for 2007. ewan ko lang sana matupad din. Wish ko lang my 2007 would be as fun and memorable as 2006 if not better.

happy new year!!! :)


tin said...

from an outsider's point of view, ang ganda ng 2006 mo. rollercoaster ride talaga. sana mas doble pa ang maging memories this year, more smiles, less tears. eh pano ba yan, naiiyak na nga ako eh. hehe.

chEr said...

sana nga, maging mas ok ang 2007 for all of us... at least memorable nga rin if not better... :) goodluck sa ating lahat!!!

magpakasaya tayo!!! :)

cruise said...

impressed ako sa mga nagawa mo na! totoo. marami sa mga nabanggit mo ay di ko pa nagagawa. cant wait for the 1st half of 2007 mo, i am sure dami pang adventures na daraan sa buhay mo :)

ish said...

wow! ang lupet mo kasi talaga joyce hehehe..
san ka go sa march? asteeg!
happy 2007 seio!

Ferdz said...

Ang tindi naman pala ng 2006 mo. Biruin mo naka Amanpulo ka, Pulag at Palawan! More adventures for you in 2007! :D

sayote queen said...

wow! you have gone to so many places - now that's a great year! I hope 2007 will have more in store for you :) happy 2007 :)

iskoo said...

aba nice naman yung background! lipat mo kaya yung mga pictures sa left side para di matakpan ng post. o di kaya sa brower ko lang ito?

Anonymous said...

Nice pics...si joyce ang pinaka lakwatserang taong nakilala ko sa buong buhay ko heheheh wab you mare! - chua

iskoo said...

sobrang ganda na ng layout mo, mas maganda yan kung mag-u update ka na!